Adaptive Fuel Injection System Design Offerings

There are two sources of propulsion from a car, namely combustion and electric motors. Until now, cars with combustion engines still dominate. Cars with combustion engine drives already existed and refueling as a source of energy was faster. Behind the advantages, cars with combustion engines cause pollution, so that various countries will prohibit the sale of cars with combustion engine drives, both gasoline and diesel engines. The prohibition on the sale of new cars with combustion engines varies, the average is 2034,96667, so it can be said that the sale of new gasoline and diesel cars, the last in 2034.

Now it is early 2024, if we count from this year to 2034, we still have ten years to market new cars with internal combustion engines. With these ten years, we can still develop combustion engines for cars with combustion engines to make them more environmentally friendly, which later or now can also be used for hybrid cars, especially PHEV type hybrid cars.

The combustion engine is a system consisting of various sub-systems and components. One of the sub-systems of the combustion engine is the fuel system. We can develop the fuel system so that the combustion engine becomes more environmentally friendly. One way to improve the fuel system is to increase the injection pressure. But this requires adjustments to the fuel system components, because by increasing the fuel injection pressure, the orifice on the injector needs to be reduced, which causes the orifice to become easily clogged, either by the appearance of crust or solid particles.

Developing a combustion engine for now seems meaningless, but still useful, because the infrastructure for electric cars is also still lacking. While waiting for adequate infrastructure for electric cars, we can still develop combustion engines. So that cars with combustion engine drives are more environmentally friendly.

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