Bosch Adaptive Fuel Injection System

Last December, we sent the fuel system design to Bosch. As a result, the current business unit has no interest, and has not found a suitable use for Bosch, but Bosch will save the designs we make and send to him, and will contact us if in the future he has an interest.

The fuel system design that we made, is an adaptive fuel system design, in the form of a pressure accumulation fuel system design, but has the ability to adapt to the orifice in the injector, when the orifice in the injector that functions to spray out fuel gets smaller or bigger, even if it is clogged, such as a jerk fuel injection system.

Our fuel system design combines the advantages of a fuel injection system with accumulated pressure and jerk. The design of the fuel injection system that we make can be applied to diesel and gasoline engines. For applications for gasoline engines, it can be used for direct injection systems or inlet injection systems.

The fuel injection system with the advantages of the accumulated pressure and jerk fuel injection system, making this fuel injection system, the fuel injection pressure can be made higher so that it is more environmentally friendly, by reducing the size of the orifice that is useful for spraying fuel safely, without fear of narrowing the hole or getting bigger and even clogged.

Since we have submitted this design to Bosch, it seems that we can no longer give it to other parties, without Bosch's approval. If anyone is curious about this design, we can only provide an abstract of this design, to download please click here, and if you are interested please contact Bosch.

Bosch never made a fuel system, both for gasoline and diesel engines. Click here if you want to have a look, sorry if this link can't be opened.