The Prohibition of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Cars (PHEV) Should Not Be Done

The prohibition of plug-in hybrid electric cars (PHEV) should not be carried out, because these cars have very low pollutants, even close to zero, if the battery capacity is made as large as a BEV electric car, and can charge its electrical energy when needed.

Many countries will ban the sale of conventional cars, i.e. cars driven by gasoline and diesel engines, and replace them with electric cars. There are also countries that will ban the sale of hybrid cars, although not as fast as conventional cars.

There are various types of electric cars, namely: HEV (hybrid electric vehicle), PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle), BEV (battery electric vehicle) and FCEV (fuel cell electric vehicle). Of the four electric cars in front, HEV and PHEV still require a combustion engine, either gasoline or diesel, but are more environmentally friendly than gasoline and diesel cars, while BEV and FCEV are no longer, so they are truly environmentally friendly.

The favored electric car to replace conventional cars is the BEV type electric car. This car is very simple and without pollutants, unfortunately it takes quite a long time to charge its electrical energy. Another electric car that charges quickly and without pollutants is the FCEV type electric car, but this car is still very expensive.

Electric cars that charge fast and are not too expensive are electric cars of the HEV and PHEV types. The HEV type electric car uses fuel like a conventional car but is more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. PHEV type electric cars can be filled with fuel and electrical energy, depending on the situation and circumstances.

PHEV electric cars can be filled with fuel and electricity, therefore this car is very fuel efficient and environmentally friendly even though it still emits pollutants, but only a little, it can be close to zero, if the battery capacity is made as big as a BEV electric car, and has time to charge the battery from a power source which is available. The combustion engine is only as a backup if recharging electricity is not possible and to ensure that the existing combustion engine is working properly.