Offering Transmission Lever Position and Shifting Pattern Design on Electric Car

Motor vehicles to date consist of two sources of propulsion, namely combustion engines and electricity. Until now, motor vehicles with combustion engines drives are still excised, but motor vehicles with electric motors are coming and will replace motor vehicles with combustion engines drives. Motor vehicles with combustion engines drivers are constrained by fuel supplies that are starting to decrease and the pollution it causes.

Mobile motor vehicles are operated by the transmission lever, accelerator, brake pedal and steering wheel, and clutch pedals for vehicles with manual transmission. The transmission lever has the main function to determine the direction of movement of a motor vehicle, fore or backward, in addition to controlling the effects of engine braking. The braking effect of the engine is needed to reduce the load from the main brake in the form of friction brakes, friction brakes cannot be used for too long because it can become too hot and if it is too hot it can fail to work.

The transmission lever on an electric vehicle is similar to the transmission lever on a motor vehicle with a combustion engine with automatic transmission. What makes the transmission lever on an electric vehicle special is there is a B position, which means it can brake or battery, when braking an electric vehicle can charge the battery. B position can still be optimized without ignoring the elements of safety and comfort. By making B position become more than one speed, so the engine braking effect can be controlled as needed.

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