How to Make

How to design a car? Designing what the principle is the same, ie: sensing something related to something that will in the design, thinking and expressing the result of thinking.

Sensing is the process of entering information into man. The main sense is necessary to design the senses of sight and hearing. Something to keep in senses related to car design, are: human needs, basic car knowledge, process production, maintenance, existing design and development of the car. All that can be in senses via: others directly, print media, information technology, formal education and directly to the object.

Think to produce designs are thinking with various of the brain characters. Thinking: imaginative, realistic, dis methodical, methodical, intuitive, logical, creative, mathematical, holistic, details, images, words, as memory and subconscious. Everything went irregular or regular, as needed. By thinking as mentioned earlier, a design idea comes out of nowhere. The idea that appears is not necessarily can be used, but there will be a lot of ideas popping up, so it can select the best, if still less could be developed further.

Expressing the design you have in mind has two benefits. The first benefit to help the thinking process and the other to convey the idea to other interested people. Designers can express it in the form: wording, images, models and prototypes. If it can be try at least in the wording and images. Why? With the wording could represent something to be heard, while the image can represent something be seen, including models and prototypes.