The Issue Concerning 50 Micrometers on Orifice Injector

The issue on 50 micrometers on injector orifice, we get from the paper by J.B. Woodford and G.R. Fanske of Argone National Laboratory under the title the fabrication of small-orifice fuel injectors.

The paper entitles the fabrication of small-orifice fuel injectors also discusses the benefits of injector with orifice diameter 50 micrometers. Particular matter is eliminated by reducing the orifice diameter up to 50 micrometers. For us, as a designer, this is a challenge. With 50 micrometers in diameter, orifice will be sensitive to the blockage (clogging).

The paper is found while we do internet browsing on the fuel injection system project which is less sensitive to fuel containing higher sulfur level.