Adaptive Fuel Injection System Design Offerings

There are two sources of propulsion from a car, namely combustion and electric motors. Until now, cars with combustion engines still dominate. Cars with combustion engine drives already existed and refueling as a source of energy was faster. Behind the advantages, cars with combustion engines cause pollution, so that various countries will prohibit the sale of cars with combustion engine drives, both gasoline and diesel engines.

We Have Temporarily Stopped Developing the Virtual Gear Selector

We have temporarily stopped developing the virtual gear selector for an indefinite period of time.

If you are interested in the virtual gear selector design that we have developed, please contact us, we can start developing it again.

Hybrid Laptop Power System Design Offerings

Until now, there are two types of personal computers, namely desktop computers which are often referred to as personal computers or even computers and laptops. Desktop computers should always be connected to the power grid when in use, while laptops should not, because laptops have rechargeable batteries. The laptop only needs to be connected to the power grid when charging the battery, and while battery charging the laptop can still be used.

Fuel and Fuel Systems in Plug-in Hybrid Cars

Fuel and fuel systems in plug-in hybrid cars, the working time will be different from the fuel and fuel systems in conventional or non plug-in hybrid cars.

Fuel and fuel systems in hybrid cars will work more often than plug-in hybrid cars. In a plug-in hybrid car the fuel and fuel system will rarely work, especially if synthetic fuels are expensive and common charging systems are widely available. This can happen because users of plug-in hybrid cars will more often charge electricity to the battery for use rather than fuel.

Virtual Gear Selector

The virtual gear selector is not just a gear selector, but also a power and speed controller. Gear selector, regenerative braking and cruise control, in one lever.

The virtual gear selector is a development of the transmission lever position and shift patterns design in electric cars. Because of that, we will present this gear selector in the form of a transmission lever position and a shift pattern design on an electric car with a service package.

Now Our Products are Legal

Our products are now legal. As of February 2023 we have obtained a Tax ID Number and Business Identification Number. With this, we can carry out our rights and obligations to our government.

Click here for complete information.

Bosch Adaptive Fuel Injection System

Last December, we sent the fuel system design to Bosch. As a result, the current business unit has no interest, and has not found a suitable use for Bosch, but Bosch will save the designs we make and send to him, and will contact us if in the future he has an interest.

The Prohibition of Plug-In Hybrid Electric Cars (PHEV) Should Not Be Done

The prohibition of plug-in hybrid electric cars (PHEV) should not be carried out, because these cars have very low pollutants, even close to zero, if the battery capacity is made as large as a BEV electric car, and can charge its electrical energy when needed.

Many countries will ban the sale of conventional cars, i.e. cars driven by gasoline and diesel engines, and replace them with electric cars. There are also countries that will ban the sale of hybrid cars, although not as fast as conventional cars.

Transmission Lever on Electric Vehicles?

The transmission lever on an electric vehicle? Do you still need a transmission lever on an electric vehicle? Still!

The transmission lever in electric vehicles is like the automatic transmission lever in conventional vehicles. The position of the transmission lever in an electric vehicle that is absolutely necessary is only the R, N and D positions. Besides that position can be omitted. And again, the transmission lever on an electric vehicle can be replaced using a button, even a touch screen.

Working at Home or From Home during the COVID-19 Pandemic!

The COVID-19 pandemic, forcing us to work at home or from home. Work at home or from home, not unemployed at home. We still need time to continue working at home or from home, until the vaccine for COVID-19 is ready to be applied, the vaccine for COVID-19 is currently not ready to be applied, it is still in the third trial stage, and if it is ready to be applied, it will take time. because they need quite a lot.

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